MMM - 1996 Article
.Letter Featured in December 2002 Edition of Motorcaravan Motorhome Monthly


Three organisations receive praise from Mr E Strong, of Newbury. He thanks Tockfirld Ltd of Shirland in Derbyshire, for a superb job reupholstering his Herald Aragon - Including the cab sun visors; Phillip Lewis at Rustbusters, another MMM advertiser, for a thorough job of wax oyling the 'van; and us, at MMM, for a 'superb mag'.

Mr E Strong - Newbury, Berkshire

Letter Featured in December Edition of Motor Caravan Magazine


Thanks go out to your advertiser, Rustbusters, who have 'wax-oyled' our Herald Aragon. A thoroughly first class job was carried out for reasonable price and so Rustbusters is certainly recommended. I have been a regular reader of Motor Caravan Magazine for over ten years. So keep up the good work.

Mr E. Strong - Newbury, Berkshire