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Why chose Rustbusters?

See the Kim Henson Rustbusters Movie from 1996 the Full 5 minute version.
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Download the latest Article "Project Komet" as seen in Practical Motorhome
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Practical Motor Caravan Project Camelot article from August 2000
Before and After shots of the Camelot after Rustbusters Waxoyl treatment!

Why Rustbusters!!!

Rustbusters have been 'Delighting' customers with excellent service since 1990. With over 20 years experience in the business of protecting vehicles we have had many good reviews from some of the top Motorhome magazines. We are always happy to help and explain the work carried out and we will provide the only 'High Standard' service in the UK.

Do not except any imitators! We are the 'Only Specialist' in this field and we will cover 100% of every cavity and we will forfill all our promises.

We do not expect our customer to sign a disclaimer / terms and conditions and we certainly don’t expect you to pay a deposit before any work is carried out.. all we ask is that you drop the vehicle off early at the workshop, relax in Sunny Bournemouth & Poole and be 'Delighted by the Service'.

At Rustbusters we don’t only BELIEVE, we KNOW we can offer these three things which no one else can...

No gimmicks, no 'Secret Equipment' just a thorough job with professional equipment designed for the job. Why it has to be Rustbusters... because we want to 'DRIVE OUT RUST' and we are the only specialist in Rustproofing that will execute the job with precision, and professionalism and delight the customer with a High Quality finish.

Phillip Lewis