Why Rustproof your Vehicle at Rustbusters?
Rustbusters unique rustproofing process applies three different types of waxoyl products that will prolong the life of your vehicle for years to come, compared with rustproofing competitors.

We use clear Waxoyl which is atomised as a spray into all cavities, box sections, sills, doors, windscreen pillars, inner wheel arches and numerous other areas using specialist Swedish high pressure rustproofing equipment. With a variety of interchangeable attachments, including flexible 360 degree jet probes and lances to line these internal areas.

Rustbusters always work from both directions in the vehicles box sections; this means the vehicle gets two coats in the process to achieve 100% coverage. Problems can arise if a lower percentage is covered because the elements that cause rust:- water, road salts and moisture will divert their attention to the uncoated areas and the metal work will soon corrode.

Now the black Waxoyl is then sprayed underneath the vehicle this seeps into all the cracks and crevices..


Finally Waxoyl with underseal which is a thick coating that is resistant to abrasion and weathering is sprayed on wheel arches, under floor area, chassis. Ply floors are also protected from de-lamination with this coating.

Waxoyl with underseal is sometimes referred to as wax hard coating (but it is flexible). It is manufactured and supplied by ICI who are based in Prudoe, Northumberland. Waxoyl is a proven product that has been around for many years and has changed hands over the years from Finnegan’s to Hammerite and now owned by ICI who supply Waxoyl AG in Switzerland. The same products can be bought in Halfords, Motorbits and many other well know retailers, however it is almost impossible to apply properly without proper equipment.

Rustbusters process takes up to a full 9 hours, depending on the size of the vehicle, using this time to protect the vehicle properly and not cutting any corners. Some other rustproofing companies claim to be able to do the job in half the time, in Rustbusters experience this just isn’t possible to do a professional job.

Using professional equipment supplied by 200 litre drums of waxoyl, underseal with Waxoyl and black Waxoyl and using a specialist wheel free vehicle lift in a workshop in Poole, Dorset, we provide the best one day solution to protecting your investment without compromising on time or products. The work is carried out by the sole proprietor with 15 years experience using the Waxoyl products supplied directly from the factory in Prudoe.

As proof and testament Phillip Lewis of Rustbusters is the proud owner of an Autosleeper Report which was rustproofed fifteen years ago from new and is still in rust-free, un-welded condition and open to inspection.

If you want long lasting protection Rustbusters is the answer!